Being Sociable

Brands are now embracing social media as a great way to connect with their customers.

Aer Lingus was the first social campaign that I worked on. I was given the task of creating a post for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to me either means turkey or Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. That’s where the idea of the Aer Lingus plane as a parade balloon came from. With almost 250 likes in the UK and almost 600 likes in the US, I was proud of the reach of this campaign.

I was later able to create the entire social content calendar for the month of February for the Glenlivet. That meant I was able to control all of the art direction and copy that went into this month. This was a fun project of tailoring to a very specific audience. With posts reaching up to 1,500 likes the reach of these posts exceeded my expectations.

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Good Food Co.