Fuelling Firecracker

This project was a multi-restaurant and multi-brand undertaking that crossed over various platforms. Firecracker is a set of Chinese Restaurants with locations all over London. They along with their sister restaurant Firecracker Canteen came wanting an app and website refresh.

Firecracker Canteen was the first out of the gate. By first creating an app that allowed their loyal customers to order directly from them and not the big takeaway dealers. I had created design mockups for both Firecracker and Firecracker Canteen to ensure that the two brands mirrored one another. The sites and apps were created to work along side of one another and ensure that the customer has an easy and enjoyable experience while placing an order.

Firecracker and Firecracker Canteen required social campaigns to go along with their sites. This included Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and additional Email marketing campaigns. We used these various sources to highlight aspects of the apps, websites and new, exciting things happening at the restaurants.

ID Packaging although is not a restaurant, was another brand in the Firecracker family. It is a company that prints packaging for other restaurants. This brand needed a website that was bright and popped, while making it easy to find information about the products and of course make an order. Once the site was designed, we launched into an email marketing to campaign to promote the products even further.

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